Lisbon Blockchain Conference #01

On Thursday, the 21st of April, we had our #01 Lisbon Blockchain Conference 2022 with leading experts of the blockchain space. It was about the “Current State and Future of Crypto Finance“, “Digital Euro, Digital Identity and Sustainability“, and “NFTs, Metaverse and DeFi“. Our participants were also able to mint their own NFT through

We would like to thank our excellent speakersChristian Viehof (representing Philipp Sandner),Sarah Rentschler-GerloffVolker BraunbergerAmérico SerraTiago GodinhoWilly BardiotPedro Febrero and our two excellent moderators Jorge Silva Martins and Jose Reis Santos for making our event such as great success!

Also, many thanks to our great sponsors and partner YellowCrypto, Nova School of Business and EconomicsNova SBE Students’ Union and Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute for providing us with the necessities for organizing the event. 

Many thanks to the President Mahmoud Jawwad and the Vice President Axel Barroca for organizing and moderating this event with the help of the whole team. Thank you for being such a great community! We were pleased to see how many people joined the chain. We will keep you updated about #02… 

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